Specialist Training
With more and more reasonability being place on private contractors and organisations the skills and knowledge required by staff is ever increasing.
Consider your responsibilities as an event organiser, or someone responsible for a shopping centre, theatre, school or other building?  
Outside of what you might think as the normal type of training your staff would need we bring you an extensive range of transferable skills from our years of experience in the public sector.
Are they trained in how to thoroughly and safely search a person, a vehicle or your premises?
Do they know how to deal with anything they might find and how to accurately document what they have done?
Consider the current rise in International Terrorism. Are your staff aware of what to look out for and what to do if they suspect something? Do they know about the ‘Prevent’ strategy or project ‘Griffin’?
Heaven forbid something major was to happen.
Do you have the right plans in place and do you and your staff know how to implement them?
Do your staff know what to do as ‘first responders’. More importantly do they know what NOT to do?
Can they initially manage the situation and do the right things to ensure everyone’s safety, whilst preserving evidence and possible crime scenes?
Are you ready to work alongside other agencies and follow their protocols and procedures?
A lot to think about isn’t there?   
So why not talk to us about how we can enhance your workforce’s abilities and assist you in understanding and complying with your many legal obligations.
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