We have staff who can provide a
variety of skills in the short term or if
necessary over longer periods.
Apart from our consultancy services
many of our staff are qualified and
licensed to carry out actual roles
within various business areas. This
may be security, health & safety or
emergency planning and preparedness
Ressources & Staff
We have developed excellent
relationships with a number of UK
suppliers producing top quality
Having been involved in the testing,
development and procurement of
similar products we can advise on what
is the best current market leading
equipment and provide them directly
as part of our contract with you at very
competitive prices.
With a wealth of experience in the
provision of expert witness services,
the founder of CARMS, Martin Graves
leads this area of the business. He has
undergone extensive training with
Bond Solon and is a member of the
Society of Expert Witnesses.

He has provided reports and testimony
in a large number of high profile cases
over the past 16 years involving
deaths, use of force, injuries sustained
during physical training sessions and
the various tactics and equipment
used by law enforcement and other
Expert Witnesses
We have a network of extremely experienced and knowledgeable experts covering a variety of related subjects such as use of force and restraint, hostage negotiation, risk assessment and the provision of emergency first aid
We can provide specialist work, personal protective and search equipment, for example handcuffs, soft restraint belts, search wands and carriage systems.
Need staff to support current training or specific projects. Want your current plans and procedures properly tested. Then we can provide the right person for that role.

Contacting CARMS
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