Need help with something but not sure where to turn to for some subject matter expertise?
You need something that is specifically for you and
will meet your needs not just some ‘off the shelf’
product or solution.
Or do you have everything in place but think it
may need to be checked, tested or audited?
As well as our creative team we are
skilled in evaluating and testing not
only policy but the effectiveness and
strength of your procedures and
We can independently run exercises
and events that will stretch and test
you and your staff to better prepare,
implement and manage events that
might occur.  
Where a drop in moral, productivity or
effectiveness has occurred we can look
at the root cause and advice on the
best solution to improve it. 
Most of the time it’s not about what
you ‘think’ you need but rather what
you ‘actually’ need. Training or more
equipment is often seen as the answer
to most problems.
By conducting a Performance Needs
Analysis we can establish if training is
indeed the right solution for you. If it
is then we will conduct a Training
Needs Analysis to find out exactly
what type of training you need and the
best / most cost effective way to
deliver it. 
Our team can draft any number of
documents, such as loan worker
policies, contingency, emergency
preparedness and evacuation plans.
We can assist with the creation of
operational plans and procedures to
cover a multitude of eventualities.
These documents would be produced
in full consultation with our clients
drawing on the latest best practice and
Policies & Procedures

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