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About Us
CARMS was founded in 2007 to address  
the growing need for top quality  
guidance and structured training in  
safely dealing with risk, conflict  
situations and potentially violent or  
resistive individuals.
Since its creation we have expanded  
our portfolio and developed our  
capabilities to now offer qualifications  
together with bespoke training and  
consultancy services for the public and  
private sector.
Our Mission Statement
Is to represent excellence in  
identifying, creating and delivering  
complete solutions and supporting our  
clients to become their provider of  
This allows us to work in partnership  
with you to identify your needs and  
provide advice and tailor made  
solutions to address varying needs,  
concerns, roles and environments.

We have worked with large corporate  
companies as well as smaller niche  
clients, organisations, charities and  
public bodies.
See just some of the clients we have  
worked with.

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